Jewel Magnet (Holds Lanyard & Jewel to Your Shirt)


As you advance in the Order, you will hopefully pick up a few jewels along the way. When this happens, the weight and length of your lanyard and jewels increases. I’m not sure who should get the credit but our beloved warrior Jay Bell brought this idea to my attention. We are now offering a strong, three disc magnet bar to hold your lanyard and jewel(s) to your shirt. This 1-3/4″ x 1/2″ 3-Post Blue Plastic Backed Magnet with peel and stick adhesive is perfect for this purpose. You can use it behind your Master Artisan jewel, Pyramid Consecration jewel or Honors Wreath. Keeps your jewel and lanyard out of your soup!

Weight 0.05 lbs


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